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Whatever the circumstances, Aldrin was aboard Apollo 11 with Armstrong and Michael Collins on 16 July 1969 as it was launched by a Saturn V rocket out of Florida's Kennedy Space Centre. Aldrin says, "I was co-pilot, Neil was commanding the spacecraft and Mike was making sure everything was ready to bring us back from Moon's surface. This was a very important job." Therocket was with us in thecommand module (Columbia), and thelunar module(Eagle). Once we reached orbit, and were on our way to the Moon's surface, we had to turn back and go into Eagle to separate from it.

"The pictures taken during this period have been seen billions upon billions of times,rolex submariner replica and mySpeedmaster is on full display. It's funny, but things seem more coveted as time passes. The jacket I wore in the spacecraft was on loan to Smithsonian for quite some time. I just received it back. We are considering making a replica because so many millennials have re-Instagrammed the photo saying they want one. It's almost the same as with the Speedmaster.

The Kennedy Space Centre is the launch pad for Apollo 11. (Image:

rolex submariner replica Aldrin, Apollo 11 Lunar Module. His Omega Speedmaster ST105.012 clear view (Image from

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Aldrin is a fashion icon, it's clear. Aldrin opted for more casual suits and opted instead for a flying jacket and stars-and-stripes braces. Each hand is loaded with goldrings, including his West Point Academy and Muhammad Ali ring. His left wrist is adorned with many metal and beaded bracelets. But,omega constellation replica he also has a curious bracelet that combines two Omega watch-heads: a DeVille Chronoscope in yellow-gold and a quartz Omega X-33.