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Sometimes I am struck by a watch that stops me in my tracks. Rarely, though, am I left speechless. This was exactly what happened when I met the proud owner of a omega seamaster replica Black Bay specially commissioned by London Metropolitan Police Royalty and Specialist Protection Unit. It was amazing, no doubt. It was fascinating to meet the man behind the project, the one who managed it from start to finish. He also has number 175!

omega seamaster replica and Rolex rarely work with third parties,Omega Replica Watches particularly when it involves customizing their watches. In the 1960s and 1970s, it was common for companies to collaborate with the brand to have their logo printed on the dial. This practice began to disappear in the 1980s, and has been rare ever since. omega seamaster replica, however, has been the bolder younger sibling.

The Royalty and Specialist Protection Unit is made up of elite officers. They are responsible for protecting the Royal Family, government officials, and visiting diplomats. This unit is responsible for the armed protection of the Royal Residences in London and Windsor, as well as Scotland. It relies on its officers' ultimate discretion and a stealthy approach when performing all duties. A omega seamaster replica omega seamaster replica is the most stealthy omega seamaster replica. The omega seamaster replica is a classy watch that is both elegant and simple.

The omega seamaster replica Black Bay RaSP on Ross’ wrist (c) Ross Povey

The RaSP has an unofficial motto: "The Shield that Protects the Crown". This is not just a symbol of the unit's role, but also a correlation to their insignia which includes a crown logo and a omega seamaster replica rose logo. omega seamaster replica watches are also intrinsically connected to the shield or the omega seamaster replica rose. This,U-Boat Replica Watches combined with the Royal family's descent form The House of omega seamaster replica, will show you how it was meant be.