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omega constellation replica Aldrin captured Neil Armstrong's footprint, one of the first steps on the Moon.

Aldrin is proud of the image, especially since most Moon pictures were taken by Armstrong using Aldrin as the subject. He refers to the famous photograph where the moonscape is seen through the visor of the space helmet. Although it's often called Armstrong, he says that it is actually him. You can see the sun and the black sky - there are almost 50 shades of gray.omega constellation replica It was a beautiful, dark place, with no light or air. It was a spontaneous photo, I was moving and Neil said, "Hey, stop." I looked at Neil and he took the photograph but I was still turning so you can see some movement. When people ask me what I think about this shot, I respond with three words: "Location. Location. Location."

Aldrin walks on top of the Moon

The Speedmaster can be clearly seen in the shot. This confirms that it is Aldrin. He says that Neil didn't wear it on the Moon. "I sent the watch from my home to the Smithsonian, Washington for display. It got lost along the way." Sometimes someone will email to claim they have it, but the serial numbers are not matched.Breitling Bentley Replica Watches After mine disappeared, NASA changed everything. After testing, astronauts now hand in the watches and they are returned to NASA. Everyone won my loss, except me!

The Speedmaster inspace was used because of Apollo 13's failure of on-board computers. In that case, corrections for re-entry were made using an Omega wristwatch. Aldrin and the Apollo 11 crew were not in such an emergency, with the Speedies still being very useful back-ups. Aldrin says, "It was a little difficult to activate the stopwatch for timethings. But we didn't really need todothatreally."

Time in space is, to be honest, a completely different thing. It was not Houston time or GMT that was most important. It was mission elapsed, the time between liftoff and liftoff. If the flight plan was not in GMT, it would cause a delay that would result in everything being wrong. It is not important to know the time in Houston, Texas when you're on another planet. We were still in contact with Earth and wore watches that showed the times of the shifts. Mission control guys live on a schedule, and their shifts change every eight hour.